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The mission of Face Forward is to provide physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by domestic or gang-related violence. Face Forward vows to provide each victim with the best possible treatment, pro bono. Face Forward provides physical and emotional reconstruction for women and children who have been victimized by domestic or gang-related violent crimes. They provide the financial means to individuals who cannot afford the medical fees associated with reconstructive surgery and emotional healing. Not only are these crimes physically disfiguring and abusive, the on-going psychological affects can be just as scarring to victims.

Many victims need help in finding the courage and confidence to rebuild productive lives and find it difficult to assimilate back into society; whether socially with family and friends or professionally in obtaining or maintaining employment. For those individuals who are committed to their recovery, Face Forward offers a number of services by partnering with local community centers for housing, counseling, job searches and legal assistance. There are many other people, organizations and teams that join forces to aid in the recovery process of victims, helping them regain the confidence lost following their traumatic event.

Face Forward’s team of skilled surgeons and specialists have profoundly changed the lives of so many in need and want to continue their efforts by making a difference in so many more affected by these violent crimes. Working with communities throughout the United States, they respond to women and children by providing a way to physically erase the past and enable victims to put their best face forward toward recovery and a new beginning.

We encourage you to join the Alessi Institute in supporting this dedicated non-profit organization. “The pro bono work I’ve dedicated to Face Forward victims has been some of the most rewarding of my surgical career. The rewards come simply from seeing so many women and children overcome adversity, gain confidence and go on to live productive lives”, says Dr. Alessi.


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