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Rhinoplasty is one of the popular plastic surgery treatments, and it will be used to reshape various properties of the nose: either to change its size and shape, to cut the distance between the nostrils, or to change the angle of the nose and upper lip. The changes in the facial anatomy of the nose often make differences in appearance this makes Rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai as one of the most challenging treatments in plastic surgery.

Rhinoplasty surgery Saudi will reduce or enhance the size of the nose and elevate and change the shape of the nasal tip and create a change that best suited to the patient’s face. However, this could be challenging for the Rhinoplasty specialist Abu Dhabi and Saudi that often has to reshape and rebuild the nose to bring an overall consistency to the structure of the nose. Many times, the Rhinoplasty Clinics in Dubai have to reshape the tip of the nose upwards.

Each and every year thousands of people undergo surgery of the nose. Rhinoplasty surgery in Qatar may be performed for a better look, or breathing problems, birth injury to improve both form and function. Patients who are looking Rhinoplasty nasal surgery in Dubai for any reason should seek a specialist Rhinoplasty surgeon, who is an expert in nasal airway function, as well as plastic surgery. This will make you sure that efficient breathing has more priority than the appearance.

Dr. David Alessi sees many patients who want to go with the natural features of their noses, while still want to improve their appearance, which involves a delicate procedure and treatments. In most of the cases, patients just want to improve the shape or reduce the size of the nose. We also offers Rhinoplasty surgery in Oman, Rhinoplasty surgery Qatar, Rhinoplasty surgery Saudi and Rhinoplasty surgery Kuwait.

Rhinoplasty Q & A

by David Alessi, MD, FACS

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that’s used to reshape the nose. Ideally, a rhinoplasty procedure helps achieve better balance among all the facial features to create more pleasing aesthetics. Rhinoplasty is more typically called a “nose job.”

What does the procedure involve?

Rhinoplasty may be performed under general anesthesia or IV sedation and it’s usually performed as an outpatient procedure. Incisions will be made in your nose so the doctor can reach the underlying tissues. Depending on the reshaping, bone or cartilage may be removed or some tissue may be added before the skin is placed back in position. Once the incisions are closed, a splint will be applied to support your nose while it heals.

What is recovery like?

After surgery, your face will be swollen and the areas around your eyes and nose will be bruised. You can use cold compresses to help reduce the swelling, and pain relievers will help you manage any discomfort you may have. Keeping your head elevated, even while you sleep, during the first few days after your procedure can help make swelling resolve faster. About a week after your surgery, the splint will be removed from your nose. The swelling and bruising usually take about two weeks to disappear.

When can I return to work?

Most patients are able to return to work after about a week, but many choose to take two weeks off so the bruising is reduced.

Can I choose my “new” nose?

Yes and no. You can certainly have input in how your nose will look after surgery, and you should share your expectations with your doctor. However, you should also know that your anatomy will impose some limitations on how your nose will ultimately look. Patients expectations are a big part of satisfaction after surgery so if you have specific ideas of what you want, be sure to discuss those expectations with your doctor well in advance of any surgery.

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